If you have never been to a strip club, the whole idea may seem confusing. Of course, you are there to enjoy your time, grab a few drinks, and check those strippers, but how do you have the best fun? In this post, we are discussing all you need to know about having a good time at a strip club.

  • Find the special things. Most strip clubs have something or the other on offer when it comes to enticing guests, so check in advance. For instance, you can always check online to find the best happy hour in Philadelphia. Some strip clubs are completely nude, while others are semi-nude. In short, find what interests you the most.

  • Know the basic rules. You are not allowed to use phones inside some strip clubs, and if you are thinking of taking pictures of the strippers, stop right there! Keep in mind that strippers are extremely professional, and contrary to what you may think, they don’t always double up as prostitutes.
  • Ask for a lap dance. Some may say that lap dances are overrated, but if you are at a strip club, you better ask for it. There can be a fixed price, and you will get your lap dance in a private space, so let the guns blazing. Strippers will come to you time and again, but in case you don’t want one, it is okay to say no.
  • Explore the women there. While strippers don’t do the entire act, you can expect a complete nude strip tease. If you are close to the women or want them to come down to your table time and again, do go ahead and tip them. Tipping is extremely encouraged and a good way to have fun at a strip club.

  • Select a good club. Go for a complete nude club and select one that’s known and well-famed for its strippers. Not all strip clubs are same, so experience depends largely on the women and ambience of the venue. You may want to check the FAQ section of the website, provided the club has one.

Finally, let go. You will have a gala time at strip clubs when you are open to the experience. Go there to have fun and take more of real cash rather than credit cards. You will love to spend that cash when those girls come close to you!