It can stressful for new visitors at the strip club, as they are not aware of how to behave in this sexy ambiance. To enjoy the experience, there are some unwritten protocols of interacting with the gorgeous strippers. Several strip club visitors take the strippers for granted.

Unwritten strip club etiquettes to follow

Never expect to have sex with the stripper

Strippers are not sex workers but professional dancers. They earn money with their arousing and erotic dance moves. Some guys persistently ask them to have sex in exchange for the desired amount of money, which frustrates the girls. Guys need to be familiar with the boundaries……enjoy the performance at the strip club in Texas rather than desiring it to be a brothel!

Never be creepy

Sometimes men are not aware of what they talk about… is just rubbish! Dirty talks need to be done with someone you are very close to not to a stripper, whom you have just met. Strip dancers are beautiful with a striking physique, never talk to her as if she is your wife or label her to be your sister or daughter.

Many elderly guys are just pathetic but fortunately some genuinely appreciate the job strip dancers do! Therefore, be nice to her but not eerie!

Groom before you come

Sometimes guys never think about grooming before they come to the strip club. Sweating and foul smell can make the dancer feel horrible as she has to handle it when she is near you. Never forget to wear deodorant!

Lap dance protocols

Guys must never wear pants when they visit the strip club. Dancing on them is comfortable but at times the guy can soak it. It is an embarrassing moment for him but a nasty moment for her! At times, the dancer has also felt wetness on her feet, which feels horrible. If you feel you will explode give her a warning, so she stops dancing.

Respect strip dancers

Several guys visit strip clubs with wrong ideas. They feel they have the right to treat strip dancers like garbage. This kind of attitude can get them thrown out of the club without any refunds.

Respect the strip dancers because they are in this profession because of many reasons. Some girls are students, while a few are mothers. It is a profession they chose to earn money. All the strippers are not very gorgeous but have good communication skills that many guys adore.