Most magicians will show you a great choice to start practicing your magic is before one. That would be ideal but I enjoy go to another level, when you feel somewhat comfortable as you’re watching mirror then have the video camera out and record yourself doing whatever magic trick you are concentrating on perfecting in those days. It is also great to carry out a little magic show as you’re watching camera too. Now why this can be helpful can it be really gives you a glance at all your performance along with your patter too. If you do not know very well what a magicians patter is I’ll explain.

A magicians patter could be the story they tell while they are transporting out a trick. This really is frequently an essential part of your speed of magic for several reasons and i’ll cover that in the future article. Alright to a few things i was saying about recording your speed. We are usually our personal best and worst critic, i am talking about , that we’ll see flaws inside our own performance that others will not see, due to the fact that we believe the important thing in the trick. We might think that we may have uncovered the important thing in the trick where someone watching you the first time will not notice.

That literally brings me to a new point about never repeating a trick for a similar audience, like everyone else notice more mistakes and flaws within your magic performance when you watch yourself recorded, they will be searching more carefully the second or third time through too and you will get caught. Just like a magician you need to safeguard the important thing in the methods, and many reasons exist for for that many that we’ll discuss another time.

Yes, it appears like plenty of attempt to perfect a magic trick however if you simply shouldn’t look foolish then it is well worth the effort, and in addition it is fun to find out yourself perform on camera. Another significant note about practice, is always to practice the key progressively mainly at first. As they say it isn’t practice making perfect but perfect practicing to attain perfection. Then accelerate gradually and progressively when you get ripped memory soon you will be performing this wonderful time trick effortlessly. This prevents you from stepping into cigarette smoking of hastening using a trick, as you are scared that they may catch you making your individual move making the key work. That kind of motion just helps to make the audience more suspicious. Most magicians need to slow lower somewhat it will make for just about any far better affect in situation your audience sees magic happen before their eyes in slow motion. All the best within your practice.