If you are visiting any Houston strip clubs, then you must be aware that inappropriate behavior can invite bouncers too. So, you must be aware about few do’s and don’ts, while visiting any strip clubs in Houston.

Following are few Do’s that you must remember, if you are visiting a Buck strip club at Houston:

You must tip

While you are in the company of strip girls and also dancing with them then it is mandatory for you to offer them tips. These girls are giving you a special attention just for getting few extra bucks from you, and it will be bad on your part to disappoint them by not paying tips.

You must buy a drink

While you are sitting with these girls then also order for few drinks and pay for it. Not offering drinks will be considered bad manners.

Bring your date too

If you have a long-term girl friend and also if she is willing to accompany you, then you must bring her too, so that you can enjoy the ambience together.

Do enjoy the surrounding

People visit these strip clubs in Houston to have fun and so you too must enjoy and have all the fun rather than being aloof.

Have fun

Indulge with these beautiful girls and talk to them. It is a right place to unwind yourself. You can enjoy looking at beautiful girls are striping before you.

However, following are few don’ts that you should never do while you are in strip club.

Avoid touching

All these beautiful girls will dance naked before you to provide you little fantasy and you are not supposed to touch them without their permission.

Avoid taking video or pictures

Never take any video shooting or picture in your mobile camera, while you are inside the strip club. These dancer girls will not like to get too much exposure about their activities. Also, never post their pictures on any social network sites.

Avoid sex

These dancing girls are not sex workers or prostitutes. They are here to provide you only entertainment. Don’t get too excited and force then have sex with you.

Avoid getting too personal

You can be friendly with them and engage in talking but avoid asking their real names or cell phone numbers etc.

Don’t refuse to pay

If you have asked for drinks or asked for any special favor from these girls then you must not refuse to make the payments.