There are a few shows as exhilarating as a symphony concert. Symphony is all about celebrating classical music, and if you think you don’t know anything about the genre, that’s still okay! For the uninitiated, symphony orchestra is a show that involves an ensemble of musicians, who are coordinated by a conductor. As many as hundred or more musicians play together at the event, using varied percussion, brass, woodwind and string instruments, and it’s a sight to behold to just see everything being organized so well. If you want to enjoy going to the symphony, we recommend that you check some facts listed below.

Come early

That’s one of the basic rules that people often forget. You have to arrive at the hall at least 30 minutes before the actual event. This allows enough time to find your seats, and most venues open up at least an hour or 90 minutes before the event. In case you are late, do not try to make your way to the hall – There are ushers, who will guide you when to enter, depending on the pause in the show.

Bringing in kids

Many symphony concerts last for over 2 hours and for kids aged 7 and under, it can be hard to sit still during the show. Symphony demands attention, and the musicians expect complete silence. There are concerts that are designed for kids, with a much shorter format, which can be considered, but you can still call the venue and ask.

Book early

Depending on the venue, you may want a balcony seat, but remember that not all halls have lifts, so if you are someone who has issues climbing stairs, this may not be the best idea. The good news is you can book symphony tickets online in most cities, so you can select the seats accordingly. Make sure that you don’t wait for the last minute.

Other quick pointers

Note that using phones or electronic gadgets during a symphony is considered disrespectful and not allowed. Taking videos and photos may be prohibited at some venues, as well. Also, check if the venue has any guidelines for attire. Some allow for semiformal attire, while bigger symphony concerts may require you to wear business or complete formal attire.

Finally, sit back and enjoy. It’s sheer joy to see so many musicians play together in such a manner, often for minutes without any break!