Jazz clubs have been adored for over a century but penchants have modified. People have forgotten how to listen in a live jazz session. For some listeners, the jazz club doesn’t exist because it is not a huge concert hall. Even if the world is moving forward jazz clubs still have image issues. They compete with huge pop publics, who prefer high-beat and rhythm like in the Rock ‘n’ rolls, the Blues, etc.

First-timers find it hard to understand whether they can clap or take photos at jazz bars in NYC. Below are some jazz etiquette guidelines to help you enjoy the concert.

Are you allowed to clap, when a bass solo is great?

It is standard to appreciate a solo with claps but make sure that the solo is really over. It is common for the band to engross in a practice called ‘Trading Fours’. Various members participate in the solo, one after another. Rather than clapping after every one of them allow the rhythm to return to its main melody. If you don’t understand, wait for the crowd and follow the cue.

Is it allowed to take photos on a phone?

Smartphones are common sights everywhere, even at jazz clubs. If you desire to take pictures, do it carefully. Turn the flash off and the iPhone out of sight before clicking. However, keep your phone silent during the whole performance. The bands get aggravated if listeners in the front row are seen texting all the time.

Is talking with your friend or date allowed during live jazz performance?

Many first-timers visit a jazz club to socialize. They feel that the band is just background noise. It is impolite behavior! Quiet bands find this disturbing, while loud ones allow a little chatter. Therefore, it is crucial to keep check of the happening around. If a solo kicks time to maintain silence. Chatter is discouraged, so there is no reason to talk at jazz shows with your date.

When is the right time to ask for another drink?

If the jazz club has table service, then feel free to ask for drinks anytime you see the waiter come around. Besides, it is not necessary to wait for the song to come to an end. You can get up anytime to get a drink from the bar or visit the restroom. To buy another drink is good because it brings the establishment fund to cover the band fees.